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Networking Experience

March 6, 2010 3 comments

Hello World!

Finally, I have my own blog!  I am sure that I have waited too long to do this, but better late than never I guess. 

First of all, I want to thank all the people that made this possible.  First and foremost, my beautiful wife for all her support and understanding (@AmandaJCadwell).  Then of course my dad and business partner for his encouragement (@GarySolidOak).  I would also like to send a shout out to several friends, business partners, and associates including Greg Tibbles, Michael Butler (@MichaelButlerSr), and Ron Skelton (@RonSkelton).  They have been key motivators in my social media endeavors offering encouragement and guidance.  A big thank you also goes to Gary V. – author of “Crush It”.  I just finished this book and it is an excellent source regarding branding, social media, and “Cashing in on your passion”.  I highly recommend it.

In all seriousness, I am excited to continue to grow my opportunities to network and create new relationships as well as improve current relationships.  Our real estate investment company has been in business for over two years now and we really stepped into the world of networking – and I mean it, it’s a world of its own!  We jumped on board and fell in love with networking.  We learned a lot and continue to learn every week.  When we started our business I probably had about 250 contacts in my address book.  Now we have over 1,500 contacts in our database!  And we are continuing to grow that circle of influence.  We love the opportunities we have had to meet new people, learn about new businesses, hear success stories, and pass on referrals to friends, family, and associates.  I don’t know how to explain it.  It is one of those things you need to experience and, personally, I think we should all experience. 

There is definitely a place in the world for competition – it drives our economy.  However, there are also times when cooperation should exist.  At these networking meetings each person has the opportunity to brand themselves, market their company but more importantly, they have the opportunity to learn, share their experiences, ask for guidance, and share information.  It is an awesome feeling to know that you have all these resources.  And if the people at the meeting don’t have an answer, they more than likely know someone that they can refer you to. 

I would like to hear from you.  What experiences have you had with networking?  What works for you?